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The company is a top-tier global provider of Internet content services for static and dynamic games content ranging from streaming to encrypted data to rich graphics. We put your content closer to users - for dramatically improved performance, quality, reliability and scalability. Off-loading your site''s content store and site to worldwide edge delivery network will slash your infrastructure costs and drive online revenues. When you use services, you can concentrate on creating great content that supports your core eBusiness functions and drives revenue -- and stop worrying about building expensive infrastructure. With our outsourced solutions, you don''t have to buy, deploy, or manage more infrastructure than you need. Because solutions easily scale to accommodate sudden surges in demand, you don''t have to overbuild your site in order to handle peak loads. So, you can deliver a rich and compelling high-performance site, while avoiding the costs of hardware and software procurement, maintenance and ongoing administration.

Benefits: Quick implementation: Time needed for implementation games can be as little as a few minutes.No additional tools or utilities needed to modify URLs.No changes to publication process: Implementation is transparent to developers. Eliminates the chance of errors: Errors can occur from improper tagging, which isn''t required with SpeedCharge.Maintains brand identity: SpeedCharge allows the customer to maintain a unified identity on their store website (URLs only use customer domain names - the domain name never appears).Flexible: SpeedCharge can be applied to images or entire page Additional benefits when using SpeedCharge for Site Delivery base pages as well as embedded static and dynamic content)Reduced infrastructure site costs: Decreases infrastructure expenses by eliminating the need for site mirroring and while also reducing the CPU games processing load and the store need for additional servers. Guaranteed uptime: Cached content is delivered even when the origin site is offline. This assures maximum uptime and reliability to meet your business needs. nfinitely site scalable: Delivers an entire site''s content from the the company edge network with no limit on capacity. Launch massive marketing campaigns without worry! Security: Protects against loss games of presence due to Denial of Service attacks, by making the site much harder to overload

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